About Us

About Us

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What is Unite 360°?

Unite 360° is a human rights advocacy organization.

Our goal is to achieve a society where all people can participate without barriers based on their identity. We specifically seek to aid underserved communities (such as minors, disabled persons, and marginalized identities) in gaining access to the resources and accommodations they’re constitutionally entitled to.

Our website is a home base and resource for everyone looking to aid social justice and meaningful change.

The Personal Backstory Behind Unite 360°

Our founder, Tyler Powell, had his own experience facing obstacles in the legal process due to a lack of resources and accommodations. Tyler is disabled and legally blind and did not have an advocate to defend his rights in court.

Due to ongoing complications, Tyler was hospitalized and unable to appear on his court date. His request for continuance was denied and the judge ruled against him in his absence.

After Tyler was discharged, he went to the Fulton County Courthouse to present documentation of his hospitalization on the date of the proceedings. His motion to set aside the judgement made in his explained and valid absence was denied.

The original lawsuit was filed in 2015, and Tyler is still fighting for justice today.

Tyler founded Unite 360° in June of 2022 to raise awareness for shortcomings within the legal process for persons with disabilities.

The way Tyler’s case has progressed is unacceptable and unfair. Unite 360° is a voice for Tyler and a voice for any person facing barriers that infringe upon their constitutional, legal, or civil rights.


Unite 360° Mission

Our mission is to unite everyone in the fight for human rights, reasonable accommodations, and access to those accommodations. An active dialogue about hardships and shared experiences will allow us to understand and encourage each other as we push for social justice. Together, we can all inspire meaningful change.

Our Causes

Disability Rights for the Blind and Low Vision

Fulton County Courts should provide adequate access to resources for the blind and low vision. Auxiliary aids like large-print documents, Braille, or audio accompaniments are necessary for fair participation in legal procedures.

Neighborhood Pedestrian Safety

Cities should be responsible for maintaining neighborhoods and communities with city-planted trees and shrubbery. Trees and shrubbery should be trimmed to allow pedestrians the ability to walk on the sidewalks without tree limbs interfering with pedestrians’ walking space. This infringement on sidewalks is dangerous to people with disabilities, children, and the elderly.

Protect the Rights of Minors

All law enforcement who come in contact with minors who are victims or witnesses should undergo special sensitivity training.

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