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Unite 360° is a human rights advocacy group dedicated to empowering underserved communities.

As citizens, we are entitled to constitutional, legal, and civil rights. The goal of all three is to create a society where all people can safely and actively participate without discrimination or barriers that impede their freedom.

Even though these rights exist to protect and serve citizens, there are still shortcomings within the legal system that fail to carry out that purpose.

Constitutional Rights

Legal Rights

Civil Rights

Guaranteed freedoms and protection of those freedoms on a national level.

Guaranteed freedoms and protection of those freedoms on a state level.

Guarantee a person’s ability to participate in society without discrimination.

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Disability Rights for the Blind and Low Vision

Fulton County Courts should provide adequate access to resources for the blind and low vision. Auxiliary aids like large-print documents, Braille, or audio accompaniments are necessary for fair participation in legal procedures.

Neighborhood Pedestrian Safety

Cities should be responsible for maintaining neighborhoods and communities with city-planted trees and shrubbery. Trees and shrubbery should be trimmed to allow pedestrians the ability to walk on the sidewalks without tree limbs interfering with pedestrians’ walking space. This infringement on sidewalks is dangerous to people with disabilities, children, and the elderly.

Protect the Rights of Minors

All law enforcement who come in contact with minors who are victims or witnesses should undergo special sensitivity training.

Fight for What’s Right: Join Unite 360° in Human Rights Advocacy

All people deserve to participate in society without facing discrimination or barriers based on their identity. And that participation should be founded on equal freedom.

Unite 360° is a human rights organization that aims to empower unheard and underserved communities by making true freedom more accessible.

What we mean by “true freedom” is freedom where all people – no matter their age, race, orientation, disability, or identity – have the suitable accommodations and resources to partake in any space they want.

In order to achieve social justice, everyone has to unite. We can encourage each other to understand and accept our different experiences through open dialogue. And together, we can inspire meaningful change.

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The Problems


Know your rights! Our Human Rights Education Center is a great resource. Search for your identity or circumstance and read your human rights guide.

Each human rights guide:

  • Explains how the law is meant to serve you
  • Provides examples of adversity you might be facing
  • Teaches you about the accommodations and resources you’re entitled to combat those adversities.

Knowledge is power. You have to know your rights in order to fight for them!

Legal Services

A fundamental element of the U.S. legal process is fair treatment.

“Fair” is subjective. Its definition varies because of diversity.

  • What’s fair for a minor is different from an adult.
  • What’s fair for a disabled person is different from a non-disabled
  • What’s fair for the majority is different from marginalized/minority

Unite 360° has compiled a resource of legal aid for members of underserved communities who struggle to obtain fair treatment and accommodation within the legal system.

We Can Make Change Together: Get Involved Through Unite 360°!

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Advocate for a cause you believe in by signing and promoting one of our petitions.Visibility is the foundation of social change. It’s important to raise awareness of human rights issues because if people don’t know there’s a problem, they won’t have a reason to speak up.Strengthen our community of human rights advocates by volunteering with Unite 360°.Check out ways you can help out today at the link here.Have a skill, certification, or experience you feel will benefit the organization?Contact us at the form here to discuss ways we can come together for the greater purpose.Get involved. Get active.Panels, rallies, marches, protests, and more. There are many ways to get out and get involved in Unite 360° efforts.Connect with other Unite 360° members and fight for change together.To keep up with Unite 360° Events, follow us on social media or take a look at our calendar.

Unite 360° Mission

Our mission is to unite everyone in the fight for human rights, reasonable accommodations, and access to those accommodations. An active dialogue about hardships and shared experiences will allow us to understand and encourage each other as we push for social justice. Together, we can all inspire meaningful change.

Our Vision

Rights & Liberties: A Promise for All

Have you ever struggled to participate in an area of society due to a lack of resources and accommodations?

A disabled person without equal access and accommodation for an activity or public space.

A community whose safety is at risk due to inadequate property management.

A minor whose voice is not heard and needs are not met due to lack of education and ability of guardian.

A marginalized identity who struggles in legal proceedings without sensitive legal representation.

A pedestrian whose travel and transportation are compromised due to city planning or policy.

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